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    The TTTM Nautical Set is two pre-knotted nautical ropes that let you set up your hammock in seconds. In this video you can see the Ropes and their friends in action! We have already fastened the knots for you, so you can install your hammock within seconds. They come bundled up in a tiny pouch, just like our hammocks, so you can take them everywhere without them taking up unnecessary space or weight in your pack. Ready to use, ready to go, and they fit anywhere.

    Product details:
    ✔️Dimensions: 2,40 m / 7’10” Lenght
    ✔️Diameter: 5 mm / 3/16”
    ✔️Maximum carrying capacity: 200 kg / 440 lbs (note: in tensile tests they withstand up to 600kg)
    ✔️Material: 100 % nylon
    ✔️10 years warranty against defects in workmanship and materials

    “Made in Utopia”. Work has to be fun! Therefore, our tribers enjoy free Yoga lessons, Kung-Fu, English courses, on-site child care, profit sharing, a flat hierarchy, etc. A significant amount of the profits directly go into TTTM's very own Foundation whose mission is to strengthen the resilience of disadvantaged communities in Indonesia.

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